Invisalign® Before & After

  • Anterior cross bite = some of the upper front teeth bite inside or behind the lower front teeth after image
  • Class II = Overbite or the lower molars are too far behind the upper after image
  • Class I = Normal overbite, molars are in a good relationship after image
  • Deep bite = the front teeth overlap the lower teeth too far, 20-25% is ideal anything more is 
considered a deep bite after image
  • Diastema = gap between the front teeth or central incisors after image
  • Invisalign spacing mild after image
  • Mild crowding after image
  • Moderate crowding after image
  • Moderate spacing after image
  • Open bite = The front teeth do not overlap properly after image
  • Restorative with overbite after image
  • Cross bite (can be right side, left side or bi-lateral, which is both sides) = the upper back molars bite inside of the lower back molars after image
  • Severe crowding with extraction after image
  • Severe spacing = is considered anything more that 4-8mm accumulative throughout the arch (this may not need translation, because most patients bothered by spacing in their mouth, consider their own very severe) after image



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